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with the way he has been bigging up some younger players recently is he about to shock everyone by breaking the kiddies in ?

every so often a few reserves being given first team status freshens the whole set up so is there a new flock of fledglings about to hatch ?

or will he still buy berbatov as yids rumoured to be mounting bid for david villa ?

is he hanging on to see if his lad makes a success of management then hand over to fergie junior ?

is haggles bored off his ti tties ?:D

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haggler said:
with the way he has been bigging up some younger players recently is he about to shock everyone by breaking the kiddies in ?

every so often a few reserves being given first team status freshens the whole set up so is there a new flock of fledglings about to hatch ?

or will he still buy berbatov as yids rumoured to be mounting bid for david villa ?

is he hanging on to see if his lad makes a success of management then hand over to fergie junior ?

is haggles bored off his ti tties ?:D

is there a source for the david villa

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Good post haggles; I was wondering the same thing. Some of you may recall, late last season, I was going on about the fact that the youth we had was very similar to the famous class of 92. Some differed, fair play, and called for a few to be released. Strange, Fergie did not, and those same players are shining this pre season. Now, we have additions in the Twins. Oh, am I looking forward to this season?

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I dont think so Hags to be honest. The kids that made it through back then
all went on to be internationals and great players. Its far too early to know if
Frazier Campbell, Wellbeck, Rodrigo and Gibson etc will make it. We need to get Berbatov
and that is all. There will be plenty of competition in the squad next season
but I dont think they will feature that much.

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Rodrigo Possebom has been outstanding
according to what I have been reading.

Then there is Frazer Campbell who virtually
single handedly dragged Hull into the
Premiership - not that this will be a good
thing for them - they are going to be mass-
acared several times this year ! So there
are four possibilities we have if we include
the twins.

I'd still like Berbatov but if we get nobody
then I trust Fergie - he's proven to be
quite good down the years.

Quote, Alan Hansen .........."You'll win nothing with kids" .
( well someone HAD to post it up) :D

There's quite a few youngsters coming up
through the ranks and putting in some interesting
and well worth watching performances.

Would love to see a few of them get first team
places this season and see how they perform
when called upon.

Roll on the new season. Well looking forward to it.

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To be honest I don't think its possiblle these days for a team who is trying to win the League while intoducing 5/6 players into the team.

In 95 we had the likes of Scholes, Beckham and Giggs(granted a bit earlier than the rest) and like Jazz said they turned out to be 3 of the best in the world. With the greates of respect to Campbell, Rodrigo etc, although they look promising, its highly unlikely any of them will turn out to be world beaters.

Sice Chelsea with all there money introduced this '2 world class players for every position' system its a lot harder. Arsnenal have done well in bringing young players through but at the same time in 4 years they have won 1 FA Cup and thats it. Remember we went 3 years where we finished 3rd, 3rd and 2nd respecively while winning the FA Cup and Carling cup (and making another FA Cup final) and the press were bangin on about how we're finished, Fergie should go ect. We can't afford to do what we did back then, which is why we use the loaning system a lot more than we used to.

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bleacher report

Manchester United Should Have Faith in Their Youngsters

Keith Griffin examines why Manchester United should have faith in the youth already at the club and outlines five of the best talents ready to break into the first team....

It's not often I get to watch Manchester United's reserves play, mostly due to the fact that it's very hard to get access to coverage of the games. However, last night, I just happened to barge my way into a friend's house who happened to have a subscription to MUTV, and so I sat down to watch the Peterborough vs. Manchester United game held at London Road.

And after watching this game and some of the other preseason games that had taken place in the Vodacom tournament in South Africa, I started to wonder if these young starlets will be playing next season. Because, quite simply, they are wondrous.

Manchester United are a club which have a tradition of promoting youth through the ranks and developing them into world stars who, more often than not, spend their best years at Old Trafford.

However, in recent years Sir Alex seems happier to delve into the transfer kitty and battle it out with the world's elite to sign the best players around.

Is it because it's easier just to buy a player, who, although he may cost the club millions, will slot straight into the team and provide instant success?

Or maybe it's because we basically don't have the talent in our academy and it would be a waste to try and promote them into the first team?

To be honest, my opinion is that the current United team is so hard to break apart and is filled with so much quality that it is quite hard to receive any game time with the first team.

How can you separate Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinhand? Or Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez?

But I really think, after watching all the preseason games of late, that the current youngsters waiting in the reserves and academy are future stars in the making. You need only watch them to see why.

And that's why I believe that Fergie should shock everyone this season and stay quiet in the transfer market.

Why spend £20-30 million on 27-year-old Dimitar Berbatov, whose attitude stinks, when we have the hungry and vibrant Frazier Campbell? Why purchase cover for the solid duo of Vidic and Ferdinhand when Craig Cathcart looks set to match their talents in future years?

Here's a quick look at the top five most promising players currently at Manchester United who impressed during the preseason.

Tom Cleverley

He played extremely well against Kaizer Chiefs in the Vodacom Tournament in South Africa and bagged himself a fine goal in the process. He can play in defence or in central midfield and has a strong physical presence to match his never-ending stamina.

Cleverley was nominated for the Reserve Player of the Year award last season at age 18. This guy has a promising future ahead of him if he can keep up the impressive performances.

Man United's first team midfield is notoriously hard to break into (just ask Darren Fletcher), but with the winding down of Paul Scholes' career and Darren Fletcher growing more impatient by the day, Cleverley may find himself receiving chances to break into the first team if he gets a few games in the Carling Cup.

Craig Cathcart

Cathcart played a confident game against Peterborough last night following up on stellar performances in South Africa. A confident central defender, he can produce the goods in the air with a strong heading ability.

With the guts to go into 50-50 tackles, he looks like one of the stronger candidates to break into the United defence sooner rather than later.

He was made captain of the reserve side in the 06-07 season. He also made his way into the senior squad during that season because of the Red Devils' infamous defensive crisis which affected us so badly toward the end of that season.

Although he was an unused substitute, his inclusion speaks volumes about his talent. Definitely one to watch.

Rodrigo Possebon

Here's another standout player. Anyone who knows their stuff about United must know his name.

Possebon is one of the brightest stars around. The Brazilian is energetic and aggressive and has played quite a few preseason games already. You need only watch him a few times to realise how good this guy could possibly be.

Strong and composed on the ball, he is constantly looking for the killer pass, but also boasts a wicked shot from long range. That was evident in last night's friendly vs. Peterborough, when he looked to drive their keeper into the net from 30 yards out.

Your typical box to box player with a twist of skill and physical presence, he needs only add goalscoring to his repertoire to become an instant choice for the first team in future years. And at only 19, time is on his side.

Rafael and Fabio Silva

Oh, how I got excited over these two. Not many knew their names (often referred to before their debut as "the Brazilian twins"), but after last night I'm sure that our eyes will now be firmly fixed on the Cafu and Carlos-like duo who caused problems for Peterborough with their blistering pace and silky skills and, extremely surprisingly, their aggressiveness in a tackle.

Neither of the brothers, who play at left and right back, are very tall or built. But just like their fellow countryman Anderson, they seem to posses an incredible strength.

I count these two as a single entity as I just don't want to imagine one playing without the other across the pitch.

Hopefully they will get more playing time against the "Old Lady" Juventus tomorrow night, where they will no doubt receive a sterner test.

Long-term replacements for Patrice Evra and Gary Neville, don't bet against these two being in the squad before long. If you don't believe me, just see Fergie's star-struck interview after last night's game where Rafael stole the show.

Frazier Campbell

Another young lad who needs no introduction, Campbell looks set to join Rooney, Tevez, and Ronaldo this season after Fergie confirmed the Huddersfield-born striker has earned his place in the team.

His stellar performances for Hull last season, finishing as the club's top scorer with 15 goals, has shown the Old Trafford faithful that Campbell does indeed have the talent to battle Rooney and Co. for a starting place.

Lightning quick and aggressive, he has also beefed up from his earlier years. And as we all know this is so important in the EPL, one of the most physical leagues around.

Not afraid to run at a player, he is exciting to watch and his confidence is evident after his recent goals in South Africa and in Ole Gunner's testimonial where he scored the only goal of the game.

Hopefully he will take his chances when they are put in front of him this season. He might just see his name on the team sheet more and more.

So hopefully these great talents, along with others such as Danny Welbeck and Sam Hewson, can make more of an impact on Fergie and show that you don't always need to purchase the Berbatovs and Huntellars of the football world to achieve success.

I know I'm not alone in these thoughts as the promotion of youth through the ranks of any football club, not just Manchester United, is very much a good thing, for football and for the spiraling-out-of-control transfer market.

I am with him on our youths, our future from our own backyard. How to reconcile the need for instant success with development of our youths is the more tricky business.

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as the manc said though gone are the days when you could lose 7 games or more and hope to win a title , the caveat here though is we have just won back to back titles so could the old master fancy a last visit to the tables to roll the dice .

imagine what it would do for his place in history if he had the balls at this stage of his career he could take that gamble and pull it off .

it would make for a great watch either way

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I think we will see some of the youths get more football this year, not as much as in 95/96 though.
While Rooney Ronaldo Nani Anderson cannot play the first parts of the season we should see...Campbell, Da Silva Twins (they can play on the wing) possebon gibson. Which i think they are the youngsters which are most likely to step up from reserves. They've all shown there talent in pre-season and with the problems ive mentioned above, plus giggs and scholes will be playing less games..i think its what fergie has planned

stretty said:
I think there are good yougsters about but very few of them cut it at old trafford and most of them invariably get sold ,chris eagles as a prime example
You can see by rafaels performance monday that CHRIS EAGLES was not even a premiership talent, thank god the slick birds gone.

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we obviously had an amazing bunch of guys 95/96.

Fergie would have known this months/years earlier.

Problem with modern day football now is that players are loaned out all over the place and clubs employ scouts like crazy nowadays.

So in 95/96, Fergie could blood Beckham in at Preston and few people took notice.

Now everyone knows bout Campbell, Jonny Evans, Lee Martin, Fabien Brandy.

What I am trying to say is that if fergie is planning it, arsene, rafa, scolari and co will probably already know what they are up against.

YOU CANT WIN ANYTHING WITH KIDS....Not anymore you cant

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i think the best thing about this is that we do have some youngsters who are showing potential. Atleast it means good for them and good for united.

Even if they do not make it at united, atleast united can offload them in the future knowing they still have a good future in the game. Similar to how they let rossi and pique go even though they had alot of potential. Rossi was never going to make it at united with tevez and rooney ahead of him as 'small' front men and pique, as gifted as he was, was simply too good to be sitting on a bench year after year watching vidic and rio play. I am sure he learnt alot from them but the best way to learn to do ;-)...That sounds kinda cheesy aha...

But really....

This summer has been quiet in the transfer market and i really did not expect it to be that busy to be honest. Last year we invested HEAVILY in youthfull players...even tevez was young at 23 and still pretty new to the premier league at the time and will start hitting his peak hopefully from this season onwards.

Nani and Anderson are also young and have years to continue to develop and have time on their side.

The youngters mentioned in the interview can only benefit from us having a youthful squad which won the Champions league and the premier league last year as it means fergie has no real reason to invest alot of money in the transfer market. How do you improve on a squad which can really only get better by investing in many new players when the current squad may not have even reached there peak yet...??... Thats a tough one for fergie but i guess its also a great reason to give some of the youngers a chance now and again when injuries come up and atleast push the current squad a little.

You could argue that we need a front man...Berbatov for example... But that would break up the tevez rooney partnership and i know we would rotate...but do u really want to see tevez on the bench for half the premiership matches?? I know i dont and in fraizer campbell we'll have someone in the youth team who will get a chance but will not expect to play like an established player as he has not done anything yet and tevez would remain the senior player.

The same can be said about browns position...Some say we need to invest in a right back but is this really the right...or appropriate time to invest in a new right back? After the season our defence had last season....Would be pretty harsh on the lad... I know there is no room for sentiment in football but when you have just won the PL and CL in the same season with brown a regular in the team..and tevez too... I see no reason at all to take them out of the team right now. Again also as we apparently have someone with major potential in the full back positions with fabio and rafeal, it would be better to give them hope as with buying an established new right back would mean there chances would have gone from optimistic to very low...even if they get minimal chances this year, atleast they know at the moment, they are knocking on the door of the first team squad...Plus they're brazilian...age means nothing to them...both older digits and younger ones lol...

As for rodrigo, he possibly has the toughest job out of them all to make the team with hargo, carrick, scholes, ando and possibly fletcher and o'shea even if he has more potential than them as fergie goes for players with experience nowadays and them two still have more than possebon...Everything i've heard about him sounds very promising though and if players are injured and he is god enough to start, i hope fergie tries to use him as it would be nice to see, but again, if he has the potential.

In my opinion this is the best time to blood younger players as we have just won the double and no real need for major investment as we have many young players in the squad. By the way, do not ge me wrong, i would not complain if we signed a new striker, berbatov or someone younger...i really like the style of play of benzema but i have no worries if we do not sign many players this summer and stick with the squad we have plus giving the chance to some of the younger players to develop for a season.

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