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Fergie will NEVER be afraid of ANY! thats why hes the best and most respected coach in the world, you think Robinho would try that effing off to Rio trick on Fergie, not a chance!

He's giving Berba as much time as possible to bed into the team, he and his team mates as Fergie has said are getting used to each other, and we are now going to see the best of him, and yes it is likely he will be rotated a bit more as soon as he has settled down... I don't know how many times I have to say it but Fergie is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS right, you guys talking thrash in the Transfer forum about Huntellaar being a better option for us, wtf do any of us know about football, this is the greatest manager that will EVER live we're/you're questioning here... I know we need to have debates but if you look back through the threads over the last few months

Threads about Berba being the wrong option for United.... You were all wrong!
Ronaldo should leave.... you were all wrong
Shouldnt have let Pique go... Evans amazing, you wrong!
VDS past it.... you were wrong
Giggs/Neville past it... you were wrong
Questioning Rooney, should we sell him? (cant remember what idiot started that thread)... WRONG

I'll say it once more... Fergie is ALWAYS RIGHT! might change my sig to that!
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