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Red Devil said:
The problem with Ronaldo is that Fergie does not know what to do. Ronaldo can play crap for 85 minutes, get subbed. OR Ronaldo can play crap for 85 minutes and conjure two goals out of nothing!!

Fergie is more afraid of playing the kids than subbing ronnie.
That sums it up well. And this is move obvious since we're not scoring for fun in the games against the teams we 'should' beat. No matter what I think of Ronaldo Im 734% sure Fergie do what he think is best for MANCHESTER UNITED.

My personal view is that I think Ronaldo could use a reminder from time to time that he's not larger then life and could be dropped or at least subbed when he's playing like he's doing at the moment. It was LAST season he was 'the best' in the far he's not even been the best winger in the club.
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