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Is Gerrard the best midfielder England have ever produced

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i know he's a false moralist, double standard scum, but after seeing some of his movements, defensive displays,attacking options i think that certainly he's the best cmf in the world and i believe he is amoung the best midfielders england have ever produced....

i mean what he's done with liverpool equals maradona's achivements with napoli....

steven and 10 lumberjacks won the CL...

he is a possible goal danger even when he receives the ball around the centre circle...i see that abilty only in 3 more players at this moment...ronaldo,messi and torres....

i know scholes has had his moments and achivements but even without him we are and were good enough to win the CL

btw - i have to say that i actually haven't seen the likes of charlton and co playing , but i think that the fact that football has evolved and that now includes more options as there are many quality players out there, and the fact that gerrard tops them all is enough for him to be considered amoung the best ever
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CROoney....... you have officially lost it!!
Only 2months ago he was been tipped to be dropped from the England starting 11.
CROoney said:
by whom ?

also redondo was dropped from argie squad back in 98 but that doesn't stop him to be considered one of the best dmf's ever...

and cantona was also was effenberg, anelka,fat ronaldo,ronaldinho - lots of 'em were dropped

why is this so strange - he would be the first choice midfielder in ANY European club...that's a fact

CROoney come on, he was gonna be dropped him for Barry and Lampard!
Cantona was a Utd legend but never our greatest ever player. and how is Anelka the best ever or Effenberg for that matter...... you gone way off topic here-- your saying Gerrard is the best England ever produced-- IMO not a chance and we will see by other members reactions:D
I hate getting into stuff with you because you never know when to quit!:cool:
CROoney i cant believe your trying to prove that Gerrard is the best England EVER produced...... thats way out of order and way off the mark!
He is simply not..... i would pick Lampard ahead of him anyday!
What does that say?
rydersonthestorm said:
i doubt most manager would call him the most complete mid about, i would say essien, de rossi and hargreaves are more complete.
Lokk at cesc without fabregas, yes it shows he isn;t a complete mid but rather a playmaker who is in fact very overated.
My other point is you as a united fan should know that robson and charlton are both better than gerrard especially for england where gerarrd is mostly rubbish.
You wonder why people ara noyed when you called a scouser who isn't that good a betetr player than two united legends.

Couldn't put it better myself.... on a Man Utd site you falsely claim Gerrard is the best EVER, thats after making me sick because its no way the truth and i question you Utd support CRO
You love to cause a stirr CROoney lol...... no hard feelings eh:)
CROoney said:
i really think that you're either stupid for failing to understand what i'm saying or you just want to wind me up because you don't like me cos i said a something about you english( hell you even confessed that)

you know what i meant when i opened this thread ?!

you don't like gerrard cos he's a scouser and you can't see beyond that ...

and i don't care about it

you think de rossi is more complete only because he is a DMF and he scored 1 goal in 6-7 outings against us

and i don't care about that too

you can think whatever you like but you can't say what i thought when i opened this thread

every single post i posted i said that he was amoung the best and yet you're failing to see that because of your hatred towards me and gerrard
CROoney i dont hate you and i'm not English and i still think your out of order!
Why cant you admit your wrong.....
If you look at the thread title and your very first post people have a right to be upset...
You opened up a thread saying is Gerrard Englands best ever midfielder, you must be off your head to think that let alone post it on a Man Utd forum!

Nobody hates you CRO its just people dont understand your way of thinking!
This thread is criminal if you ask me!!
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