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United and The Arse have been the two Premier League front-runners for most of
the season – and bookies are unanminous that one of the pair will land the title.

United are odds-on with most betting firms while The Arse hover between 6/4 and
2/1 – and considering where The Arse are now - that's not too ungenerous either
(is ungenerous a real word or did I just make that up :confused: who cares, it
sounds good) .

But what of Chelsea ? A year or so ago no-one in their right mind would have seen
them as anything other than favourites and yes we know Jose Mourinho's gone –
but just look at them now.

New boss Avram Grant has quietly and steadily been leading them back into

To an outsider they look as though they are at least as good as they were under
Mourinho and with Nicolas Anelka now up front, goals will flow.

They may be a couple of points adrift but that's all it is – and you really wouldn't
write them off.

I had some high hopes the African games would cause Arsenal and Chelsea big
problems - but I didn't notice they had lost any players top be honest - dammit !

United's title run-in over the final two months is a nightmare combination of tough
opposition and bogey teams – and that gap could start to diminish quickly.

The question is do United have more to fear from Chelsea than Arsenal ?

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i dont think so......but if that happens then that means that arsenal should have problems in their games.......out of the liverpool,chelsea and arsenal game coming up,liverpool and arsenal are home and chelsea is away.....while chelsea has all games home which is a good advantage for them.....liverpool has all games awayand arsenal has 2 away and 1 home......united and chelsea has a lower chance of dropping points than arsenal i think so we can still win the league....
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