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Found this on a different forum, is it true??

I post this as a Manchester United fan, and I would like to tell all of you what I have heard today.

I work as a steward on matchday, and have overheard Malcolm Glazer telling Shaoib Abdul Jaffar that he is selling the club for 5 pounds and 3 turkeys. He has also said that he is thinking of selling Cristiano Ronaldo to the lowest bidder, because he want's to annoy United fans.

I know many people won't believe me, but I am a steward matchday steward, and this is from Glazer himself.

Glazer's sons have said they want a new toy, and that they are willing to allow United to rot in the lower leagues. Alex Ferguson has said he isn't buying any players this season because the chairmen won't give him any money, and he believes this is a ploy by Malcolm Glazer to bakrupt the club.

I know you may find this far fetched, but you must believe me. My mum told me it's true.

In the quoted text, the guy said he heard it while working
as a steward, then claims his mum told him :rolleyes:

I don't think I'll bother to dissect it any further, it's clearly rubbish.

RedForceRising said:

I can't believe this hasn't been closed yet. My "important penalties should be taken by ugly players" thread was easily better than this :D
Agree there mate. ;)

But come on...this is a world exclusive from a steward matchday steward while working at a match who heard Malcolm say it from his deathbed in America and The Ghosts mum says it is true.

You can't get much bigger news than that, can you ??
Close it ? Gawd this is massive news and we should all
be very concerned.

Call yourself a TRUE Red RFR ? You are a glory hunting JCL
if this doesn't worry you. Go support $helski or summat.

I mean selling our club for 5 pounds and 3 turkeys ??

We Want 4, We Want 4.

I'm storming the megawhore tomorrow in protest !!!
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