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Despite the fact that Giggsy have to cover the left back spot, i dont think we need to go out and buy. Im more excited if Fabio can be given the chance. From what i saw in the reserve match he played in, he isnt that far off from his twin brother Rafael.

Yes, i stand on what i always thought that we have a very strong team. The same strong team as like last season and by the book should be getting stronger now that we've add a classy player in Berbatov and the rises of Rafael and Evans.

What we lack of is not anyone on the team but more to the hunger and the will to win. At times, we didnt really look like we would want to run after the ball, that doesnt only happen to berbatov but a few of the lads as well. The desperation like we have last season is yet to be seen. Frankly even if our old guard retires, i still think we still have that strong squad. With Sir alex still trying to figure out which is the best combination between Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov, i can understand why Welbeck didnt really have that many chance. I cant help but think we do miss Hargreaves thou. As much as we have carrick, scholes and even fletcher, Hargreaves i feel is the missing jigsaw that we are having rite now.

I think once we sort out our Roovetov goals problem upfront, im sure we will start to see how strong the team is, hopefully that will be soon thou seeing we are entering the vital period now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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