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So vds is out again and it bought me round to thinking would he spend so long on treatment table if squad rotation was not the norm ?

Back in the day stepney bailey shiltons and clemences of the world used to play 42 games a season year in year out .

Nobody can tell me they never suffered more knocks than todays keeps as game was more physical .

managers used too try and keep an unchanged team so if the understudy got a chance you might never get back in again .

I feel that the rotation lets them think they do not have to play unless 100 per cent leading to the sahas vds and hargreaves of the world .

so what do you think ?

it also seems to allow them to extend careers to long --- gary nev anyone ?:eek:

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I think nowadays, the physios and managers are just very cautious. As soon as player is feeling quite right and there are other options, they'll rest the player and let the sub play.

I guess it comes down to wanting to minimize weaknesses. If the team plays badly and you fielded an injured player or players, the media and fans will take the manager to task.

I know what you mean though..... the players from yesteryear played every game and maybe that made them hard as nails. So rotating players is actually doing them a disfavou in terms of natural fitness, as well as injury proneness.
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