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Wes Brown is still standing firm with his wage demands.

Earlier reports he had accepted a £43,000 deal have proved to be rubbish.

Seems he has demands in the region of £80,000 per week. Add to this the fact
United turned down an offer in the region of £800,000 from Newcastle in January
saying they considered him to be worth about £3,000,000.

So now Brown's agent is saying if he is worth this kind of money he must be paid

Agents cause all the problems in these deals and this is a classic case.

Brown obviously feels after acting as stand in for Neville for the past year he is
classed as a senior player and wants to be paid accordingly.

Rio earns £100,000 per week, and Ronnie is believed to be negotiating a deal
worth a staggering £140,000 per week.

Is Brown being greedy ?

Or is the agent again causing the problems ?
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