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Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has admitted he doesn't hate fierce rivals Manchester United and has conceded he respects the Red Devils.

The two clubs have enjoyed a huge rivalry over the years which looks set to intensify this season as they compete for the Premier League title.

Yet contrary to what many believe, in an interview with The Guardian, Carragher, who freely admits he grew up as an Everton fan, speaks highly of his Manchester counterparts.

“I was an Evertonian as a kid, but I've never hated Man United. I've always had respect for them,†he said. “They're a proper club, like us, and they should have respect for us as well.

"Man United aren't blasé or big-headed. I think Chelsea are, or have been in the past, a little bit.

“At Man United, there isn't a player who you think: 'God, I f******* hate him.' They're all good lads, aren't they? Hopefully we come across like that. We're clubs from working-class areas.â€

United lead the table on goal difference from Liverpool, albeit with a game in hand, and Rafael Benitez's men will visit Old Trafford on March 14 in a match that could decide the title.

With Liverpool approaching their first realistic title challenge for several years, many commentators have claimed that their lack of experience will cost them, but Carragher isn't so sure.

“Will we get nervous? I haven't got a clue,†he admitted.

“I'm not going to put an act on and say no, because I've never been there. It's only January. It's embarrassing, really, that I've only been in this position once, with Gérard Houllier.

"I'd be made up if every league game mattered. Even being involved in the mind games is a good thing. We've always been on the outside looking in, something we're not proud of.â€

However, even if the Anfield side fail in their attempt to claim their first Premier League title, Carragher admits that this season has been a huge improvement and must be continued.

“We want to be fighting for the title every single season. We might not win it, but we're there. That's the minimum. Not fighting for fourth.

"We can't have that. Everyone's got the belief now, thinking: 'We can do this.'

"I wouldn't feel fulfilled if we didn't win the league. There would always be this thing nagging at me.â€

Gill Clark,
A scouser more who doesn't hate us. :D
As if footballers admits that they hate other football clubs. They are happy to play for their team and if the team sell them they are happy if they can play for the rival team. :rolleyes:
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