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Well I was ganged up by the liverpoo fans today with some stupid arguments on why they are better (lmao in their dreams!)

We have quite a fair bit of debates and I rip their non sensical arguments up into shreds and they cannot take it any more lol They go on searching new arguments every day literally lmao

Their latest arguments are of course nothing to do with the performance of the teams because being the european and premiership champions they cannot diss us as they are trophyless. We are a much better team and have been better them overall throughout history (head to head record). Since we are better then them on the park they pick on other things.

What they have now picked on is the fans who do not follow football but support Man United because they are like the only name they know in football. You know those fans who like only support Man United because of thier succsess. Glory hunters like the Chelsea fans you know... They say without our succsess we would not have so many fans and etc.

Next thing they claim is that we bought our succsess and hence the popularity boost and boost in fans. They also say: "Money can't buy you love - but it can certainly buy you trophies - aint that right Sir Alex."

They also say: "Uniteds baron spell of 26 years without the title must have been bleak - at least Liverpool have accumulated about 10 major trophies in their baron spell of 18 years. - Not bad eh"

Still can't believe they consider the league cup as a major honour lol

So what are your views on these comments? Iv got some good rebuttals but I also want to see what other Man United fans think of the issue...maybe they have a different view on these issues/arguements? I know there are many Man Utd fans who really are not fans who like us follow the club to every little detail and this is basically what they are picking on :rolleyes:

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Every big club has supporters that are gloryhunters. Even the supposedly "fantastic support" of the Poo. :rolleyes:

But, they need to take a better look. We are by far the better club.

We are the club that have the innovative ideas and prospects first and foremost. We are the "trendsetters" if you like.

Saying we have bought success is a bit rich tbh. You need money to be successful, and when Sir Alex first came, we didn't have a lot of money. So obviously, their heads are up their rear-ends. :p

Tbh, Scousers are always so bitter and biased so its really just better to laugh at them and feel sorry for them.

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Sir Matt Busby
Sir Bobby Charlton
Sir Alex Ferguson
Old Trafford
George Best
Denis Law
Eric Cantona
Ryan Giggs
Paul Scholes
Gary Neville
Ole Solskjaer
10 Premier Leagues
3 Champions Leagues (2 in last 10 years)
Attractive football

'Nuff said.

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There are more liverpool fans outside of liverpool than in they travel from all corners of england and abroad , their popularity stemmed from their success during our barren 26 years , making most of their supporters the glory hunters .
Our successs came from 1993 onwards in the last 10 to 15 years, so some of our younger fans will get called glory hunters because they know nothing but success.
I think at least 50%of my personal hatred stems from their success because we used to be in the position they are in , never being close to winning the league.
One or two more barren seasons and i think they will have trouble filling their new ground.
And by the way the last 18 years apart from when they skanked the champions league have been pure heaven and long may it continiue up to 26 years at least

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15 years and not much has changed.

I started writing a thread once about the challenges I face as a Man Utd supporter.

Supporting a successful club will always make people question why you do so.

The thing that strikes me is that fans of English football make more out of it than fans from other leagues or sports.

When I was a kid, I was an absolute Michael Jordan fan. He was simply the best to watch and was involved in so many dramatic moments.

So many important games were won by one of his fade-away jumpers or superb vision.

Not one single time was I questioned about wearing a bulls jersey on the court.

When American sailors spotted me wearing a Jordan shirt or Bulls jersey they would engage me in conversation and be proud that people from around the world follow the NBA.

In Germany, it is accepted that people do not necessarily support clubs who are geocarphically close. You just support the club you do. OK some clubs like Bayern or Schalke are less liked than others, but people generally accept if you come from one part of the country and support a club from another part in the country.

Not so with English football.

My only advice is to get used to it and not to let them draw you in too much. You can engage in discourse, but try not to let them sucker you in emotionally.

You will normally be able to argue better when you don't let yourself get angry.

The truth is that there are lot of football fans, who have a low level of knowledge of football.

If they question the knowledge of Man Utd fans, ask them if they are so sure that Liverpool fans can't just be as clueless.

Ask them how they know this to be true. Everything is just their opinion, so it's just their opinion versus your opinion.

You also should know that knowing less or more trivia does not have any bearing on a fan's love for his club.

Lastly, even if they happen to be better at debating than you and it would appear that they might have won the debate/argument, you still support the best club in the world ; )

or failing all of the above working...

a size 9 steel toe capped boot to the testicles
or a baseball bat applied to the back of the head,
best applied in an unlit alley way on a dark night. :D

This post in no way condones the use of violence
or the use of offensive weapons on people with
lower inteligence levels. ;)


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On the subject of "Bought Trophies" ask them this question:

Name the ONLY team who has won the Premier League or the the old League
Championship having spent ZERO cash ?

You guessed it ...

United did !!!

In fact forget that fact ...

We did even better than that. I just checked my little 'United Black Book'.

In the season 1995-1996 United won the double !!! That season we SOLD Mark
Hughes, Paul Ince and Andrei Kachelskis - and we bought ...NOBODY !!!

I assume the 'expensive' signings these Liverpool fans refer to would be the
replacements for these three ?

Nicky Butt,. Gary Neville, Phil Neville, David Beckham and Paul Scholes who cost a
mind boggling £ZERO !!!

Yes we won the double while making a handsome profit of £17 million !!!

We introduced a bunch of kids - at which point the BBC 'expert' Alan Hansen told
us all "You can't win anything with kids". Well done Hansen.

It was a good season for quotes that year. Keegan came out with his "I'll love it"
rant as United overturned a 15 point deficit, lmao ..... Ave it !!!

I have a list that shows how much money each years league winners spent on
players. Starting with the lowest amount, which is obviously United in 1995-1996,
having spent zero.

In second place ....

United again in 1992-1993. They only spent £1.1m on Pat McGibbon and Dion

Third ...

United yet again !! In 1999-2000 spending a mere £1.5m on Quinton

4th = Arsenal in 2003-2004. £2.5m (Cesc, Senderos, Lehman, Clichy)
5th = United in 1993-1994. £3.75m (Keanoooooo !)
6th = Blackburn 1994-1995. £5.3m (Sutton, Slater)
7th = United 1996-1997. £7.5m (Van Der Gouw, Jonnsen, Solskjaer, Poborsky,
8th = United 2000-2001. £7.8m (Barthez)
9th = Arsenal 1997-1998. £14.55m (Manninger, Petit, Grimande, Boa Morte,
Mendez, Overmars, Canoville, Wreh)
10th = United 2006-2007. £18.6m (Carrick)
11th = Arsenal 2001-2002. £22.25m (Jeffers, Van Bronckhurst, Campbell, R
12th = United 1998-1999. £27.75m (Stam, Blomqvist, Yorke)
13th = United 2002-2003. £30m (Rio)

Now for the funny part. The two years Chelsea won/bought the title - oddly
enough, they spent the most cash for the 15 years this list covers !!!

14th is Chelsea and they spent a whopping £53.4m In 2005-2006!!! (Asier del
Horno, Scott Sinclair, Lassana Diarra, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Michael Essien)

You think that's a lot of cash ?

Check this out !!!

Drumroll .........

Last but definitely not least is Chelsea in 2004-2005 with a massive .......

£89.05m :eek:

(Petr Cech, Arjen Robben, Paulo Ferreira, Mateja Kezman, Didier Drogba, Tiago,
Ricardo Carvalho)

GRAND TOTAL OF £21.65m !!!


EACH ONE OF THE SIX COST US £3,608,333 (and 33p but who's counting pennies)

We might have bought the title but good God, it was cheap huh !!!!

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Plus Liverpool will never be as glamouress (sp?) as us. compare our top players with theres.



Beckham (in terms of fame)
SIR Alex Ferguson
SIR Matt Busby

= only 1 winner, plus, we have two nights, soon to be 3 (giggs:D )

In short, if I use a 'film type' way of describing the difference then this is the answer:

Manchester United = Box Office
Liverpool = Sky Movies

only one winner :D

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Liverpool = Film on Four :D

I think Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly are up there
with Fergie and Sir Matt to be honest. From what
I have read about them and what other people
say about them !!

Mr Paisley 3 Champions Leagues and 5 League titles in 9 years ... :eek:

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Just look at some of the players Liverpool have playing
for them. Voronin, Aurélio, Pennant, Arbeloa and Yossi Benayoun.

These are all average Premiership players. They wouldnt get in
Newcastles first team never mind our reserves!!
Plus when it comes to history, there starting to run out of
fans that can actually remember the glory days there becoming
that long ago and long may that continue!!
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