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Joe Cole has still not given up on The Premiership race !

This weekend's Carling Cup final, gives United and Arsenal a chance to pull away
a little bit more intensifying thepressure on Chelsea.

But Cole said in an interview recently: "If I were a Manchester United, Arsenal or
Spurs player right now, I would be looking over my shoulder a bit concerned.

"In John and Frank, we've had our two most experienced players injured for two
months and still we are snapping at their heels. And still the leaders have to
come to Stamford Bridge and play.

"We are in a great position. This is it now. This is where the season starts to get
serious - the business end. I totally discount what has happened before now.
Only now is the time of action.

"The Champions League starts properly, the latter stages of the FA Cup, the
Carling Cup final and the Premier League title race starts in earnest.

"The last three months is a countdown - but now you can almost see the finishing
line. You can see the big games coming up.

"The Quadruple dream is still on. If we are going to do it, at least seven or eight
players are going to have to play the best football of their careers."

Is he desperate or just playing some mind games ?

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He's not the only Chelsea player talking about the quadruple and if they win the Carling Cup Final that talk is sure to continue.

However, if they try to win the quadruple it could cost them dearly come the end of the season, especially if they pick up injuries and suspensions.

I would be very surprised if Chelsea won the league this season and I'm hoping we can beat them to the FA Cup. The Champions League could be blown wide open if Liverpool and Roma hold onto their leads but with teams like oursleves, Barcelona and AC Milan still in the tournament there would still be a lot of competition.

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I used to really like this guy, but he's just a cocky player who believes he is the
best and that Chelsea actually deserve to win something. Chelsea don't even play the guy that much and he'd find it hard to find a place in the United team too.
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