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Its his biggest asset in my opinion, as nearly all of our players are specified to play in just one position, an so are the majority of the players around the world, but players like him, you won`t find that much. He has been proved to be very useful on many occasions. His versatility is the reason why he is still at United, because he lacks class yet he`s jack of all trades, master of none, something useful to every team.

i think big john is underrated at united and on ur point he has proven his worth to the club in many a position he might not be world class but as a jack of all trades i dont think there are to many better than him,and i bet the majority of clubs in the prem would love to have him in there squads,i remember when he nutmegged figo in the champions league a few years back we all thought then that he was gonna be great so in a way its a drawback but still i bet fergie wouldnt sell him he is a quality squad player
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