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"Quality squad player. Every team needs a John O' Shea or two. He comes in when called upon, does his job and never complains. He's been one of our best defenders in our record breaking run too."

"ya i agree and whats great about him is he never complains and his great versatility too he can play anywhere across the back four and in midfield too! i also think its been his best season since his break through season when he was top class!"

"People who don't realize his worth and how valuable he is to the squad play too much football manager. Only need to look to the galactico squad for Real Madrid and see how having all those egos worked for them. Both he and Fletch serve their roles quite nicely."

Just to let you know there is nothing left for me to say. :thumbsup: :bye2:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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