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He wipes front to back
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John terry has just announced he is to join west ham in the summer .

when asked what attracted him he said he felt a strong affinity to their anthem

" im forever blowing doubles " :D :D

courtesy of the moose

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versa said:
Nice one, Haggler. :)

Clever not to put it in the Joke section. Should achieve pretty good hit rate, I reckon. I had no choice too but to "view" it just to make sure. :rolleyes: :D

I think he got what he deserved for trying to be the big hero ( Captain Fantastic steps up in a game where he may not have played after his goal line clearance from Giggs ensured it went to extra time and penalties, it was written in the starts for him to score and win it)

I can just imagine the chat in the centre circle:

Avram: Who wants to go and take the winning penalty?

Lampard: You go John (Terry) your the captain it will look good in the morning papers.

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