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John Terry

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After the game tonight in Anfield, i'd just like to talk about John Terry. A few years ago I honestly felt that he was one of the best centre halves around. Chelsea just didn't look like conceding when he was on form and he seemed to let nothing past him

However, this season, he seems to have lost a lot of pace and a certain Carvalho seems to be bailing him out more and more. It happened at Goodison Park a few times and happened tonight a hell of a lot.

Whether he is unhappy with Grant or what not who knows. But his form has dipped considerably and his England place may now be in doubt. Carvalho imo, has held their defence more than anyone this season and is a class act. and the only Chelsea player I don't hate for some reason.

With us going to SB on Sat, it will be interesting to see how Terry will perform against the likes of Rooney and Tevez who are a nuicance to defenders. What are your thought on John Terry's form this season?
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Moved to the correct forum, why would you post about john terry in Man Utd Chat? :rolleyes:

I actually think carvalho has been the best defender at Chelsea for years,
he's very under rated.

He's a bit like Carragher, his position sense is crap and he's always forced
to make last ditch tackles and some people confuse this with quality.
hmmm terry is slow. in england, its always ferdinand with cover him with his lack of pace. however, after the foot injury he got this season, he hasnt been the same when he came back. lost his reading of the game i say.
Ya I'd go along with this, he really looks a spent force, the all action never die captain marvel style performances are no more! I expect he'll pop up wherever Mourinho is next season and be back to his best!

And v true Carvahlo is a class act, up there with Rio
Rio and Vidic > Terry
His okay but was a little dirty for my liking especially vs Pool...
His a good player but I think Rio is miles ahead...
And btw AWSOME GOAL RIISE!! lmao I couldn't stop laughing at pool fans today hahhaa
just thought, do u think he could be a weak link on Saturday seen as we are playing them?
scott 4 evra said:
just thought, do u think he could be a weak link on Saturday seen as we are playing them?
ya got em there!

One thing that always bugged me about Terry and Chelsea in general! the ref always gives him the benefit of the doubt, how many hand balls in the box and genuine late challenges in the area do you think he's gotten away with, i never remember him giving a penalty away
thats true. wan't it a couple of years ago Terry was blocking shots with his hand every game and nothing was done. god, i hope we beat them on sat just to see his face.
Terry still has quality and is still one of the best around, but I think the
injuries have finally taken their toll. He's a tough cookie and plays through the
pain barrier, but he has slowed down considerably in the last year or so.
He is also making a lot more mistakes than he used to, which is great news for us.
Hopefully Ronnie can expoit his lack of pace next weekend.
I agree, he has lost it since his flurry of injuries.

I believe Rio should now captain england and claim the unofficial spot as the best cb in the premiership easssssy !
he he thought I would bring this thread back up, I was right Terry was the weak link.
To be honest, the game might not have even gone to penalties if he hadnt cleared off the line from Giggs' effort, so I think it's a bit harsh saying he's the weak link.
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