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Justice Perverted & the Natural Order of the Universe Disturbed?

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Does anyone else feel that Justice has been perverted in the Liverpool Chelsea Semi? Look people Chelsea are just not meant to make a CL final, alright. The universe is set up this way. It has been this way for years. Chelsea make Semi's. Play Pool. Lose. Everything was fine and the universe approved, clearly, by letting Rafa have his shiny trophy. But Alas! The balance has been shattered by a woefully inadequate clearance by a soon to be endangered Norwegian left back. I won't talk about the clearance other than to say What was he thinking? There are people I go to Uni with who could've cleared that ball. Anyhow nobody can deny that L'Pool Chelsea Semi's have always been decided by luck. THAT goal that may have crossed the line or not. Missed penalty shouts etc. Never a number greater than 1 displayed on the scoreboard.

I said before that luck has always been the deciding factor and I stand by that. In recent years the luck has always swung Benitez's way. He got the maybe goals. His team got the penalty luck. However for the first time, perhaps by sheer accident and Riise's stupidity the luck has swung Grants' way before the powers that be realised what was going on it was 1 - 1. Let's be absolutely clear. People are waxing Lyrical about Grant having done in months what Mourinho couldn't do in years. No! I like Grant but this was no tactical masterstroke on his part. Benitez is the better coach, but a L'Pool own goal is all that is separating the two sides. A win is a win but don't go praising Grant as the victor in this. Getting to a final by an accidental own goal shouldn't be viewed as a tactical victory just a lucky mistake. Now Grants gone and stuffed up the system. 5 goals in a L'Pool Chelsea semi? With Chelski the victor? The Universe is angry my friend's. Very angry indeed.

Clearly there is a divine reason Man Untied are in the final for the first time since last Millennium. Nine long years, 50 since the Munich tragedy and playing a team that gloated so after beating us just recently 2 - 1. Coincidence? Auspicious, more likely. We are here for one reason and one reason only. To win? Not quite but very close. We are here to make sure that Chelsea DO NOT WIN! It would be an affront to everything that is good, wholesome and beautiful in the universe were Chelsea to walk away with this trophy. If we happen to win the trophy in the process it will be merely a small trinket as compared to righting the natural order of things. Chelsea must not win. United have a divine responsibility to stand up for all that is right and beautiful. May the god's be with us.
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