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Relax Carrick would be involved in what's going on. United is attacking 7 fronts next season. :)

I'm glad to read that Man Utd has expressed interest in Sergio Ramos. *rubs hands together - the first sign has arrived*

If United wants to accomplish extraordinary things in the next 12 months extraordinary players are needed. Benzema, Ramos, Young & Kaka are all realistic targets. Everyone knows Kaka is gutted to not currently be in the Champions League and to be wasting away in Milan. I'm convinced he would jump at the opportunity to move.

Benzema is affordable with Saha & Silvestre part of the deal, Young & Kaka can be bought with the cash from Ronaldo's sale and Sergio Ramos will come 'for free' as part of the Ronaldo exchange. Good business. If Real Madrid want a hit they must take a hit.

I will be a bit disappointed if we don't sell Ronaldo and get those players. I'm sick of Ronaldo and it isn't every day such an opportunity presents itself.

KevRed88 said:
kaka is a great player and you cant help but wonder how good we'd be if we had him. but the simple fact is we dont need him. he'd cost a rediciulous amount of money and we already got 5 centre mids. i'd rather see benzema in because we could do with him.
Kaka can play as a forward or as a wing.

He would prove vital to:

'Replace' Ronaldo
Alternate with Young as the right winger
Move forward like Ronaldo did
Take up the field magician vacancy (I know, Anderson and all that, but it's not the same)

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Red Devil said:
If we signed Kaka? Well, when he has the shirt on, then I'll believe, until then, its only speculation. I wonder if Ronnie would stay if we signed Kaka?

This news will also set Chelski/Kenyon on full alert.
I was right!

Chelski were told today to "bog off" by Milan.

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Jazz 16 said:
You would wonder about the validity of such stories.....
but if there was a chance to buy him, then of course we could
accomodate him. he is one of the Worlds best, so bring it on.

Doubt it will happen but its always nice to speculate I guess......:rolleyes:

I doubt Milan would sell him.
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