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Kaka the best playmaker ( No.10 ) in the world

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The best player of the current World club champion AC Milan Kaka has been named by far the best playmaker in the world by an Institute of football history and statictics. ..
The second place has gone to Kaka's teammate Andrea Pirlo ahead of Leo Messi of Barca and Juan Roman Riquelme .The fifth spot belongs to Ronaldinho. Our Ronaldo is surprisingly 8th considering that he likes to do things on his own ( remember this is playmaker , not player award) rather than conecting the play like the No 10 does. To add something for our friend " Justice" to see I will say that Dinamo's playmaker has been voted at great 16th spot alongside Arsenal's Tomas Rosicky. He is the only player amoung the top 20 I think who comes from outside the top 5 league ( Modric's league is not even amoung the top 10 imo - lol ) So it seems that someone else does think that he's better than Anderson . Imagine what he would have acheived if he'd played for a bigger club Top 10 of "No 10's" - :
1. Kaka (AC Milan, Brazil)
2. Andrea Pirlo (AC Milan, Italia)
3. Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Argentina)
4. Juan Roman Riquelme (Boca Juniors, Argentina)
4. Ronaldinho (Barcelona, Brazil)
6. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool, England)
7. Francesco Fabregas (Arsenal, Spain)
8. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester Utd., Portugal)
9. Diego (Werder Bremen, Brazil)
10. Robinho (Real Madrid, Brazil).
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Definition of a playmaker...

In football, a playmaker is an attacking player who controls the flow of the team's offensive play, and is often involved in passing moves which lead to goals. The term overlaps somewhat with attacking midfielder, but playmakers are not constrained to a single position - creativity is the only true requirement, and good passing ability and tactical awareness help. Because many midfielders have these attributes, they tend to be the playmakers of a team.

I think Rooney could be described as a playmaker but perhaps the people who made this list were only looking at midfield players.
nabcake said:
WHERE IS PAUL [email protected]#@[email protected]??

hes a great playmaker...
Good point!

Last season Scholes' pass completion was one of the best in the Prem and I'm still wowed by his wonderful lofted pass for Rooney to score in the Champions League semi-final v AC Milan at Old Trafford.
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