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Roy Keane may not show the same passion on
sideline as he did on the pitch. but he's still our
good 'aul Roy.

Roy has placed ex-devil, Liam Miller on the
transfer list for, being late for the teams

"The problem is Liam's time-keeping, it is as
simple as that. It is nothing to do with Liam as
a player," said Keane.

Harsh? Is Roy trying to show that he's not going to take any bull and he wants honest committed players?

Personally, it comes across to me as a hands
on approach. A little bit harsh to be put on
the transfer list for being late. The thing is,
would Roy do it to one of his star men?
Fergie has done it with those three obvious
names, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Japp Stam and
David Beckham. Is the Fergie mind rubbing
off on Roy?
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