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carlyluvsunited said:
On TV tonight I hear last time Keegan takes over.....

They were 2nd from the bottom of the Prem.

He took them to the brink of winning this !!!

This time he takes over.....

They are mid-table !!

I guarantee he is been promised plenty cash to buy players too !!

He will bring passion, excitement, commitment and he will make a bond with the fans .......

I predict good times for Newcastle......

Maybe not winning times but they will do well.........

If they too can go close to breaking into the 'Big 4' then times look bad for the Dippers right now
Strange, I clicked to reply to this post and it took me to the betting page!!

Carly: Newcastle were near the bottom of the Championship when he took over, not the Prem. I think he will go back with them this time ;)
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