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It's official, Kevin Keegan has gone stark raving mad...

Kevin Keegan hopes Newcastle United can strike 'lucky' and bring Thierry Henry back to the Premier League.

Henry left Arsenal for Barcelona last summer, but has yet to recapture the form which saw him become the English game's finest player.

And Keegan, who was no stranger to major signings during his first spell as Newcastle boss, would relish the opportunity to sign the French striker.

"I would like to fetch Thierry Henry back to England," Keegan told Radio Newcastle. "He's the best player I've seen in the Premiership.

"When you're pitch-side, what I've seen him do to good players has been incredible.

"Sometimes you can take advantage of a situation and get what I call lucky."

During his previous tenure, Keegan spent a then world record fee of £15million on Alan Shearer and he would have no qualms in setting a new landmark.

He added: "I'd like to do what we did last time and surprise people. It would be nice to break a world record.

"Why rule it out? I'd like to bring players here that amaze people and we stop just talking about being a big club - but, with our actions, we show that we are.

Why would anyone in their right mind swap Barca for Newcastle?! :confused:

EDIT: Balls. I should have put this in the Kevin Keegan thread shouldn't I? MODS!!!!

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If he pays more than £16m then he's lost the plot. Barca paid £16m for him, and he hasn't improved since then, so if they pay anywhere near that, it proves Keegan is mad. If they can get him for £12m or less, then I suppose, not nothing more than that. Plus, there is no reason to pay more than £15m for Henry when he's already 30, and will be 31 by the time next year starts.
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