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Kerlon a step closer to signing for us

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Cruzeiro sensation Kerlon pushed towards Man Utd

Cruzeiro sensation Kerlon is being pushed towards Manchester United.
The attacking midfielder underwent successful knee surgery this week in Milan and it has been mooted he could do his rehab with Manchester United.

Globoesporte says Kerlon's Italian agent, Mino Raiola, will meet with a group of businessmen at the end of the week who want to see the young midfielder join United.
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i saw the seal dribble with my brother and he hated it saying that it should be made CRO........messi and robinho are great players but i think they wont last 2 weeks in the EPL.....EPL is a more physical league than la liga.....but on kerlon..he is a good player but we dont need him....
2 years ago against chelsea ???? i remember he didnt play 1 game.....through injury :rolleyes:
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