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Manchester United's modern day hero and legend
Eric Cantona is sure his old club will win the Premier
League and Champions League Double this season.

"Manchester United will win both trophies, I am sure
of that," said Eric.

"It will be tough, the title is close and Barcelona are
a great team, but United have everything right now;
this will be their season."

The reason ... ?

Cristiano Ronaldo. Cantona believes he is head and
shoulders above any other player in the world.

"Cristiano Ronaldo has skills which no other player
has, he is the best player in the world," Cantona
told the Manchester Evening News.

"It's important he plays as many games as possible.

"I am happy he is wearing my shirt. It was special for
me, I hope it is special for him too."

Great words from a "Giant" of a man ...

Merci Eric, Je t'adore.

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Or the seagull has left the trawler behind to follow Cantona and poo on his head. Cantona has obviously taken this sign of good luck to mean we will win the double. :D
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