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For the first time in ages we have some good keepers. I think VDS still has a lot to offer and is a great keeper despite his couple of small blunders(all keepers have them).This coming season he will be a great mentor to Kuszczak and Foster and he can teach them everything there is to know. He has played at the highest level since 1990 and has a ridiculous amount of international caps. I doubt Kusz will be no.1 for a very long time, if ever. They might loan him or Foster out next season because none of those 3 will want to play 3rd fiddle. VDS will still be Uniteds no.1 next season and he deserves it. There will be more pressure on him with the 2 others breathing down his neck so it should make him play better.
All in all having 3 excellent keepers is a great problem to have.
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