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Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard believes one more defeat could end Manchester United's title defence.

The Blues ace has helped Luiz Felipe Scolari's side set the early pace this term, opening up an eight-point gap on the Red Devils along the way.

That advantage was helped by United's 2-1 defeat at Arsenal on Saturday, while Chelsea made light work of Blackburn in a 2-0 win at Ewood Park 24 hours later.

The Emirates Stadium setback was United's second loss of the season, while Chelsea have lost just once.

With that in mind, Lampard believes the Blues' fellow contenders for the top-flight crown cannot afford anymore slip-ups if they are to prevent the silverware from heading to Stamford Bridge.

"It's a nice gap for us," the England international told the Evening Standard.

"It is far from over, but in the last two years it's been the other way around. We've been five points behind and it is not easy. When you are chasing, you really can't afford to lose games.

"You have to remember Liverpool are neck and neck with us. But Man United and Arsenal, who are always big contenders, are those few points behind."


Chelsea came desperately close to taking the title last season, eventually ending the campaign just two points adrift.

Their failure to keep pace with United at the top ultimately proved costly and Lampard is determined to avoid a similar occurrence this time around.

"It is not easy to chase, the pressure builds up and if you drop points you fall further behind," he added.

"It's difficult either way, because the big four don't lose too many games or drop too many points.

"You certainly don't want to be too far behind at this point.

"We did it last year and we made a lot of ground up. However, in the end we lost the title by two points, so it feels nice to be in the lead at the moment.",19528,11095_4481259,00.html

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Players usually jinx their teams like that, so let him talk :D

It will make victory that much sweeter.

I know that the season started poorly and that we're 8 points behind with a game in hand, but we still have 27 games to play so chin up and let them think that Man Utd are out of the race. It suits me fine. Hopefully some of the players would have read fat frank's stupid comments and it will rouse them into action.

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We're 5 points off, presuming we beat Fulham, and if not up to 8 points off the pace.

Chelsea will not loose many and the only games that will troouble them will be us
at OT, Scousers at Anfield, Spurs away, and other then that, I don't see many
other toughies for them. But they will drop some stupid points at some stage,
every team will, hope our fair share has been done with a darw at home to
Newcastle and away to Everton.

But we seriously need to tighten up and stop dropping points....

We've dropped 12, effing 12 points!! In 11 games this season.......

Just because we're champions, we're not invincible ffs! A load of people on here
seem to have the opinon that we are entitled to winning the league...we're
bloddy not if we can't pick up handy points.

At least we always seem to go on a decent run after loosing, we did after
Liverpool and hopefully now after Arsenal.

Another thing thats keeping my hopes alive is that...

Chelsea have to play;
Arsenal (Home & Away)
Liverpool (Away)
United (Away)

Arsenal have to play;
Chelsea (Home & Away)
Liverpool (Home & Away)
United (Away)

Liverpool have to play;
Chelsea (Home)
Arsenal (Home & Away)
United (Away)

And we only have to play...
Chelsea (Home)
Arsenal (Home)
Liverpool (Home)

(I think the above are all right, I could be wrong...but farly sure they're good)

And we've also got some tricky games out of the way, Pompey away, Everton

So theres whats keeping my hopes up! :D...


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We were playing catch up with Arsenal for much of last year. The problem this time is that, even if we do win our game in hand, we're actually playing catch up with 2 teams - Chelsea and Liverpool.

I still don't know how seriously to take Liverpool as title contenders but Chelsea will be very tough to overtake. We will certainly need to beat them at Old Trafford and we can not afford to drop too many more points away from home.
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