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Sat 9th Nov:
Aston Villa vs Cardiff
Chelsea vs West Brom
Crystal Palace vs Everton
Liverpool vs Fulham
Southampton vs Hull City
Norwich vs West Ham

Sun 10th Nov:
Tottenham vs Newcastle
Sunderland vs Man City
Man Utd vs Arsenal
Swansea vs Stoke City

PM me your selection for this weekends fixture:
@Twixy @RtiD @MaNU1516 @MariaG @hdcantona @SALFORD RED @adhityaprianda @Burns92 @Devil's Smoke @Owenzy @tomcoles @DJSmith @Check the Milkman @PVAD8 @lucretius @Chris C

11pm Friday lads

Hard luck to those that got knocked out (dualtamac, Txrt)
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