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Van der Sar: Two world class saves worthy of the occasion for one of United's hits of the tournament 8

Rafael: Not one of the teenager's better matches. Virtually every raid he went on ended up in failure 5

Ferdinand: If he had been suffering still from jet lag it wouldn't have mattered one iota as he could have played half asleep with ease 6

Vidic: It was all so easy for him that his moment of madness was completely unnecessary and irresponsible 5

Evra: With salmon like leaps he won every single ball that bounced down his flank 7

Ronaldo: Crowd pleasing moments of trickery provided Japanese crowd with some good memories 7

Anderson: The Brazilain drilled in a number of through balls the best setting up Rooney in first half 7

Carrick: Always looking for a killer ball and like Anderson came up with one for Rooney 7

Park: Lively effort but should have done much better with a couple of his chances 6

Tevez: Buzzed about and gave his fellow South Americans a hard time but his final ended as he was the tactical victim of Vidic's red card 7

Rooney: A hatful of chances should have seen him take the match ball home in his baggage but stuck at it to become deserved match winner 9


Evans (sub Tevez 51) - Up to speed straight away 7

Neville (sub Rafael 85) - Did enough 5

Fletcher (sub Anderson 87) - No time for impact 5
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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