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The following is an analysis of all premiership and champions league games played by Manchester United and Liverpool this season. The scouse are sure that united has bought the league by bribing the FA. Lets see if the facts support those accusations.

Manchester United

Games Played : 32

Number of Penalties given to United* : 4 League / 0 Champions League

. ------ Premier League -------------
1. Ronaldo (pen) 57 - Man Utd 5-2 Tottenham
2. Ronaldo (pen) 23 - Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool
3. Ronaldo (pen) 44 - Man Utd 1-0 Everton
4. Ronaldo (pen) 60 - Man Utd 2-0 Bolton

In games we won with the exception of Everton, United won every game they were awarded a penalty against by at least 1 additional goal.

Number of Penalties given against against United* : 3 League / 0 Champions League

------ Premier League -------------
1. Murphy (pen) 18 - Fulham 2-0 United
2. Gerrard (pen) 44 - Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool
2. Geovanni (pen) 82 - Man Utd 4-3 Hull

With the exception of Hull which united won by 1 goal, every penalty given against United resulted in the team losing the match.

No Penalties awarded against against United in the Champions League

Number of United Players Sent Off : 5

------ Premier League -------------
1. Scholes 18 min - Fulham 2-0 United
2. Rooney 89 min - Fulham 2-0 United
3. Vidic 76 min - United 1-4 Liverpool
4. Vidic 90 min - Liverpool 2-1 United
5. Ronaldo 68 min - Man City 0-1 United

With the exception of Man City, United lost every game in which a player was sent off.

Number of Opposing Players Sent Off: 2

------ Premier League -------------
1. Robinson 40 - West Brom 0-5 United
2. Wilkinson 72 - Stoke 0-1 United


Now lets look at how much Liverpool has suffered at the hands of the Refs.


League Games Played : 33

Number of Penalties given to the Liverpool* : 8 (4 in the League / 4 in the Champions League)

------ Premier League -------------
1. Gerrard (pen) 39 vs Villa 5-0
2. Gerrard (pen) 65 vs Villa 5-0
3. Gerrard (pen) 44 vs United 1-4 (A)
4. Alonso (pen) 77 vs newcastle 1-5 (A)

----- Champions League -----------
5. Alonso (pen) 28 vs Chelsea 4-4
6. Gerrard (pen) 28 vs Real Madrid 4-0
7. Gerrard (pen) 90+5 vs Atletico Madrid 1-1
8. Gerrard (pen) 32 vs Marseille 1-2 (A)

While not so significant in the league, penalties awarded to liverpool came in very handy in tight games against Marseille and Atletico Madrid. It almost gave them the edge over Chelsea as well.

Number of Penalties given against against Liverpool* : 2

------ Premier League -------------
1. Ronaldo (pen) 23 , Man Utd 1-4 Liverpool
2. Mido (pen) 83, Wigan 1-1 Liverpool (A)

Of the two penalties against Liverpool only Mido's cost them points.

Number of Liverpool Players Sent Off : 0

That's right. Zero! Only Lucas has been sent off this season for Liverpool, and that was against Everton in the FA cup. 0 players sent off in the league and the champions League. Now, lets see how many players have been sent off when playing against Liverpool.

Number of Opposing Players Sent Off: 8

1. Hull 1-3 Liverpool ( Sent off Folan)
2. Utd 1-4 Liverpool ( send off Vidic )
3. Liverpool 5-0 Vila ( Sent off Friedel )
4. Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea (sent off Lampard )
5. Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool ( sent off Adebayor )
6. Man City 2-3 Liverpool (sent off Zabelta )
7. Everton 0-2 Liverpool (sent off Cahill)
8. Liverpool 2-1 Utd ( sent off Vidic)

(please feel free to post the FACTS anywhere else you wish to).

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have a look and try and find out how many of the sendings off's against liverpool were for challenges on xabi alonso, i think its quite high
off the top of my head i think its three, vidic, cahill and lamps, vidics one he deserved nearly took alonsos head off with his four arm, cahills was for a tackle which i think his leg rolled ova the ball and caught em, but id say the ref wasa given a yellow and cahill was walking away and wouldnt answer em so showed em red, and lamps was a disgrace, lamps got the ball and alonso fell to floor you'd swear he got shot, what wud be more intresting was who was the ref in each game, mike riely, the so called utd fan was ref in those three i think plus i think he was the ref in the arsenal- liverpool match when ade was sent off....

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Trying to give logic to dippers fans is beating a dead horse with a stick...

We know the league is fair, and if anything decisions have gone AGAINST us, but they won't accept it...
Tell me about it. Supporting Liverpool really messes up your brain. Supporting Loserpool should be criminalised under the Public health act or w.e it is called.
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