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tony smyth said:
Quote:Fergie will not be fully appreciated until he retires.
Totally agree. He sometimes makes seemingly strange decisions, but time and time again he is invariably right. How he stays so focused when he has won everything, doesn't need the money and is in his 60s.................... This is indeed a very rare manager. I hope Carlos replaces him but there will never be another SAF.

He really does make some strange decisions and sometimes really does get it wrong, like against Roma when he admitted as much. BUT he gets it right more often than not and for him to be so focused an hungry for success even after all these years is simply inspiring.

A lot of youngsters think football management is like playing Football Manager and won't really appreciate him until they enter working life and realise how tough it can be to manage people.

Now multiply that by a hundred times. Fergie is not just maanging people, he's managing multi-millionaires who have big egos and are prone to be very sensitive towards criticism. He's also managing the fans expectations, the media's nonsense, meeting the obectives set by the owners.

On top of all that, he has the patience and confidence to rebuild teams that had to be dismantled.

I strongly believe Sir Alex Ferguson will be widely recognised and accepted as the greatest football manager of all time and we don't really know how fortunate we are to have been witnesses to his genius.

Most great managers build one good squad, but Fergie hast built 3 or even 4.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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