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Let's get something straight.....

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- I'm sick and tired of people's " I love Ronaldo, so I must hate RVN " attitude.

RVN did not slow us down !

RVN was the best goal poacher we've ever had. A fact.

He was unstopabble.

Sure - he did have a bad ending of his last season( an injury had something to do
with it too ) , but as I've said before - it wasn't due to his slow movement, it was
due to our incapability in center of midfiled area which was being run by not so
fast Giggs and even slower Sheasy, thus enableing us of making great chances.

I have already made a post about it and I'm going to copy paste it again.

so - here we go :

- Performances with him in the team were most of the times scincilating,
mesmerising ( especially that season when he first came overhere )just great
displays overall.

I'm saying most of the times because for the last couple of months with him in the
team - we weren't playing as good as we could.

He left - we won a league, people started saying that our incapability to win the
league was most due to Ruud's presence, that he was slowing us down and
stuff, forgeting that we had just lost both of our first choice midfielder
s(scholes,keano and even smith afterwards) so maybe the main reason for our
underperforming was down to lacking a good pair of playmakers.

That's what playmakers are for= Play - making.

So, as I said - he left we won the league and everything was great. But there is a
different side of the story - he ALSO won a league, and was the TOP SCORER of
his league, and overall the best player I think. Furthermore - we won a league
with the fewest number of points any team had won it in 4 years. Does that
mean we would have won it had other teams continued working on the same
standards they had set during the years ? If not - than what the hell Ruud's
departure had to do with us winning it? I mean - if Ruud had gone a year before
our performances of last season would have been forgotten considering we
would have finished 2nd.

With this season almost over and we all agree that our performances haven't
been as good as last season's I must ask you - are we really that good without
Ruud ?

Quality wise - we lack a true goalscorer-predator.

Now i wrote that around 15th oh march I think when we were still struggleing to
find our no one can prove me that we don't need ruud - we have
a great counter attacking team , true - but as I said - having a player in Ruud's
mould waiting for his chance when things don't go our way would be perfect imo

...oh and i'd like to add that we haven's changed our style a lot.. we still put
crosses in the box, we still play long balls to rooney and tevez ( who are dwarfs
compared to ruud ) , the difference is that ronaldo replaced ruud - style hasn't
changed - we have had the same style for ages - and again that last couple of
months of us playing poorly with ruud in the team had very little to do with him.

The sad thing is that people remember him ONLY by that last season !
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CROoney I completly agree with you, Van Nistelrooy is a legendary striker and was an incredible player for us. You are of course correct that the reason we were not very successful while Ruud was here is because the squad was so small and we were so lacking in central midfield. It is Ruud who kept us going and stopped us collapsing completely during that period. I think we would be a stronger team now if Ruud was still with us.
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