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Levy slams 'disrespectful' Berbatov
by Ciaran Baynes, 01 November 2008

Daniel Levy has damned Dimitar Berbatov, claiming the Bulgarian striker treated Tottenham with a lack of respect and first asked to leave for Manchester United a year before he would eventually leave White Hart Lane.

Berbatov is blamed by Levy for souring the atmosphere at Tottenham in the early part of the season as he waited for his move to Old Trafford.

Levy criticises the striker for refusing to play against Chelsea and Sunderland and says that after Tottenham - and not United - stumped up the money to pay Bayer Leverkusen for his services, they deserved better treatment.

"We had a player who had refused to play two games for us, having a detrimental affect on the dressing-room," said Levy.

"We'd known for a year that the player had wanted out of this club.

"Dimitar Berbatov was a player who we brought to this club at a time when Man Utd were interested in him. He made a conscious decision to come to this club, we invested a lot of money, nobody had ever heard of Dimitar Berbatov when we bought him.

"A year later with 10 days to go to the end of the window he tells us he wants to leave to go to Manchester United.

"I don't think he treated this club with the respect that we honestly deserved."

Levy admits that money did not play any part in Berbatov's departure but thinks he should have been more appreciative of the club giving him the platform of playing in the Premier League.

"We put him on the map, I think he's an outstanding player, but he signed a long-term contract with this club and I think he should have stayed," Levy added.

"I had so many conversations with him. He kept saying it was about his ambition to play for Manchester United. It wasn't a money issue. We offered him a new contract and he wasn't even interested in discussing it."

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Honestly now, can you blame a player for wanting to leave Spurs? ;)

We don't know what goes behind the scenes, but he wanted to leave before the 07/08 summer already, which is why he was pulling glum faces last season.

Levy knew it and didn't sell him early. He hung on to Berba to drive up his price. Then they weren't able to buy adequate replacements and as a result they found themselves in the relegation zone.

The scape goat was Berba and Keane. Ridiculous from this cunning man, who ironically looks like a Gestapo officer.

Have to say that Berba and his agent re fools too. Before he signed for Spurs he knew Man Utd were interested and still decided to move to Spurs.

He felt Spurs wanted him more, but David Gill just wanted to sort out Ruud's exit before moving for Berba. :rolleyes:

Doesn't David Gill have the ability to handle more than one transfer at a time?
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