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This interview shows how much Mr Levy is interested from high level football.
Berbatov was one of the best ,,Bayer" Leverkuzen team players .
CL Final Real Madrid - Bayer 2:1 and Bayer had real chances to win .
Better Levy to refresh his own mind and to find reasons why Leverkuzen fans showed respect to Berbatov when both teams played for UEFA Cup at Bayer Arena !?
I think Robbie Keane's /as a potential Spurs legend /unexpected transfer to Liverpool was more painful for Spurs , because of short time for finding the proper striker. Levy had 1 year period for Berba replacement .

Better Levy to keep silence. He had 31 mln in a pocket , one good striker as part of the deal and ,,fantastic" atmosphere in the dressing room because of Berba missing.
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