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Liverpool 3 Arsenal 6

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What a result for Arsenal, cant remember Liverpool ever conceeding 6 goals at Anfield!! :D
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This was so funny to watch, Liverpools season crashed up in the matter of 4 days. :D
liverpool has conceeding 9 goals in 2 games at anfield VS arsenal. this is cool
I think Jerzy's on his way out -- He's been injury prone, not to mention a leftover from the Houllier era and he's just let in 12 goals in the last 4 game that he's appeared for in the Liverpoo goal.

I believe a young apprentice has been/ will be signed on loan from a Spanish side to be Pepe Reina's #2.
Lets hope Liverpool pick up some form ahead of their game with Chelsea in a few weeks!!
A draw would do as i cannot bring myself to cheer any of the two!
Lmao, Paletta is awful!

That game equalled a Utd win, it was so funny to see a Under 19's side beat a scummy side that had Gerrard starting. The future is bright for L'Arse :(
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