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RFR said:
Anyways, I can't give a damn about Heinze either. He isn't anywhere near Evra's standard, which is why he was sold. He was a warrior when he arrived, but his lousy attitude and ego let him down.

He also wasn't the same player after his injury.

Also the usage of his arms to defend, will get him into trouble with a lot of prem refs now...... so yeah.... WHATEVER!
I agree, and especially with the highlighted points.

I was a big fan of his after his first season. He was fantastic. Then he got injured, went downhill, became past-it and then there was THAT summer (Sadly, I still have a strip with his name on the back :rolleyes:, but luckily it was just the last blue one :p)

Blade said:
He couldn't get in the United first team and now he can't get in the Real Madrid first team. If Liverpool want to sign a player who is past it then I have no problems with it at all.

I also really want this to happen as a) it means we'll get to play against him, and b) if he is a replacement for Agger, they'll be getting rid of the better player.
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