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Portsmouth fans 'ugliest' as Liverpool land Premier League beauty crown

Nothing, not even the lasting euphoria of success in the FA Cup last season, is likely to make Portsmouth fans feel any better about a new survey that has 'revealed' the most and least beautiful fans in the Premier League.

According to research by Sky HD and D1 Model Management, the south coast club have the least attractive fans in English football's top-flight - but Liverpool have at last landed a domestic title.

High definition footage, known as the scourge of Hollywood for showing up the flaws of celebrities, is four times clearer than traditional television images, allowing Sky and D1 Model Management to study the faces of numerous crowds from every Premier League match last season, and rank the clubs in order of fans' attractiveness.

Dean Cleary-Patterson, the model scout who ranked the crowds, said: "We typically take into account a whole range of aspects of a person's appearance, from the symmetry of their features to the glossiness of their hair.â€

Fulham fans' follicles must be in peak condition, therefore, to bring them in at No 2. It will be no consolation to Manchester United, however, for they suffer their first mid-table finish in years. As for Portsmouth, Younes Kaboul could be reconsidering his move to the club, especially as White Hart Lane currently seems to be a bastion of beauty.

The debate about whether or not Tottenham will break into the ‘Big Four', meanwhile, can end now, as they come in at No 3.

The Premier League Beauty Table

1. Liverpool
2. Fulham
3. Tottenham Hotspur
4. Sunderland
5. Chelsea
6. Newcastle United
7. Arsenal
8. Bolton Wanderers
9. West Ham United
10. Manchester United
11. Derby County
12. Middlesborough
13. Manchester City
14. Birmingham City
15. Aston Villa
16. Everton
17. Wigan Athletic
18. Blackburn Rovers
19. Reading
20. Portsmouth

- Were the panel looking at the section for away fans at Anfield?

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razz1979 said:
To be fair I have met several scouse women that are beautiful... until they speak!
I haven't met them but I'm guessing Jennifer Ellison and the members of of Atomic Kitten (not Kerry Katona :eek: ) are perfect examples!!

Don't worry mate. I used to go out with a Leeds fan! :eek:

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RedForceRising said:
Were the panel looking at the section for away fans at Anfield?

I think they must have been! :p

But seriously, its pretty sad having surveys for this kind of thing, and theres no way of telling who has the best looking fans.

Who cares anyway? I certainly don't.
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