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Tell me about it mate.

They've changed all 3 of United's home fixtures on a Saturday in March to the Sunday.

They announced this change AFTER I had applied for tickets to the 1st game against Bolton and this fixture will be changed again if we beat Arsenal in the FA Cup. If it's a mid-week game I have a problem - I don't drive and the trains only go as far as Preston after 10 pm (I live in Lancaster, which is the next stop - 20 mins away on the train!)

The Liverpool game is now on my dad's birthday so I'll have to stay sober.

I was going to apply for tickets for the Villa game too but at the moment I don't know if the game will be on the Saturday or the Sunday. That's because they've changed it to the Sunday but it will be changed back to the Saturday if we reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League and are scheduled to play on the Tuesday!!!

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Well after looking at Liverpool's efforts last night they game looks like it'll be a good laugh.
Liverpool are a bit anoying though as they always seem to pull the goods out against top sides and play under their standards with poor teams.
That said we are hitting pace and they are slowing down.
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