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Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry says the club's £350m new stadium will be built - but only after the current financial crisis stabilises.

Parry dismissed any suggestions that Liverpool would consider a ground share with Everton to speed up the process.

He told BBC Sport: "It is a case of a delay while things settle down. It's still a good long-term project.

"With the financial markets in turmoil, any major construction project at this time is difficult, it is risky."

With some commentators predicting that the economic downturn could continue for a year or two it is unclear when Liverpool will begin work on the stadium, which was expected to be finished by August 2011.

Source: BBC News
Makes you really thankful that those two american idiots never got hold of Manchester United first. Some people hate the Glazers and their dealings with the club but at least they aint screwed us over completely unlike the Gillett/Hicks (Laurel and Hardy!!!) partnership.

Its not the Glazers that alarm me but the fact that one person having total control.

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they should be able to cobble something together...after all the scousers are good at " acquiring " things ( usually hub-caps)....surprised they havent organised something...they could empty every building site in britain in double quick time and have it built if they really put their curly perms into it :)

i saw it once on that documentary on bbc 1 of liverpool life ..think it was called -bread
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