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By David Maddock, 24/05/2008

Benitez Is United In Mission For Title

Rafael Benitez has warned his Liverpool side they can never be title contenders until they start beating Manchester United.

The Anfield boss is convinced that after what he sees as a season of progress, his young squad can develop into a side capable of challenging for the Premier League.

But first, he insists, they must break the vice-like psychological hold the champions enjoy over Liverpool.

"If you analyse our campaign this season closely, then you can realise that our position comes down to just one or two results that make all the difference," he said.

"We lost both matches in the Premier League to Manchester United, and that can explain why we finished fourth instead of being up there challenging.

"It is a simple equation. If you beat United once it results in a six-point swing either way and that can be the difference. That one win would have put us much closer.

"We have not enjoyed a good sequence against them in recent years, and we realise that must change if we are to get closer to our ambitions.

"We know what this club is about - winning things. So, we are terribly disappointed not to have won a trophy for the second year. That has to change."


Lol. So it finally took a few seasons for desperate Benitez to realise they need to beat us to effectively challenge for the EPL title. And his captain also earlier appealed to the club to spend big in order to launch a meaningful challenge.

Looking at the table in the just-concluded season, Liverpool are again left far behind the rest of the Big Four, at a distance 11 points behind The Champions and 7 points behind third-place Arsenal. Taking arbitrary 5 points as yardstick to segregate between classes, it must have been another major embarrassment and disappointment for the record holder of premiership titles. And with us now just 1 title away from matching their 18 titles in the English League, the desperation and discomfort can only be more acute.

Unless something drastic and ground-breaking happens in this pre-season, it is hard to imagine that Liverpool will be anyway near the, shall we now justifiably re-label as, the Top Three.

And going by the Dossena way (RFR's thread), no way!!
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