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Liverpool's Next Manager?

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Well, Benitez reckons he will be gone in the summer!

LIVERPOOL boss Rafa Benitez has told friends he believes his Anfield reign will end in the summer.The Spaniard feels he will pay the price for Liverpool's continual failure to win their first league title since 1990. Relations between Benitez and American owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks are strained, with Hicks in particular still smarting from criticism from his manager over a perceived lack of understanding about the transfer market.

So who will replace him?

Michael Mouse
Jesus Christ
Michael Jackson
Kenn Dodd
Tom O'Connor
Mrs Murphy's boy
Yogi Bear

your choice?
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Red Devil said:
You've been looking down again, haven't you?
lol Rd:D

I think Michael Mouse is the perfect candidate. He has the perfect qualifications to be a success at Anfailed.
Keano4taoiseach said:
Since Otmar Hitzfeld is set to leave Bayern at the end of the season,

I see him as the ideal candidate............:)

p.s. if RD corrects my speling of this managers name, I'll kill him......;)*

Its spelt Spelling :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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