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I know that every man & his dog seems to hate Leeds but I've never manged to do so.

I mean let's face it their fans have done stuff, stuff to make your hair curl but live & let live I guess.

All I know is that a lot of quality players came out of Leeds when they were relegated & joined all sorts of clubs.

In a way Leeds getting relegated was one to the best thing to happen to the premiership. Yeboh was fun wasn't he?

Woodgate was good, a prat, but a decent center back. Robinson used to be able to keep as well as any.

We got Ferdinand didn't we? Alan Smith was always a fans favourite too. Middlesbrough got Viduka who did a bit for them.

Let's not forget who gave us Cantona either. Not saying we should love them. Not by any means.

I just find it hard to hate a team who's given so many top players to the Premiership. Not just to us but to everybody.

P.S. They're still very unlikable fellows but you know, we've got some decent buys off them.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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