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Evans - our best young player. There is no way fergie will sell this lad. Maybe the successor of ferdinand.
Fletch - great squad player. He proved that this season with his great performances when he was given the chance by SAF
Park - definitely staying. He has always played great games for us. He's pacey and always giving 110% on the pitch. He definitely possesses the needed quality to see him in the number 13 shirt for the next 3-5 years
Rafael - the best right back in the making. He just needs more experience and with teammates like nev, rio, vida, evra he can learn a lot from them. Same goes for his brother Fabio
O'shea - the most versatile player in our squad. He's a great cover for many positions (even as a GK :D)and I'm happy to see him play some matches in the first team recently
Hargreaves - His future will depend on his injuries. I hope his bad luck is over and if he can stay fit he'll definitely stay here for years to come
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