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Look Into My Eyes - While I Steal £600

Italian police have issued CCTV pictures of a man who appears to hypnotise a supermarket cashier before stealing money from her till.

Thief pockets the cashAccording to reports from the Italian news agency, Ansa, the man asked the cashier to change a 100 euro note and as soon as the till was opened he proceeded to hypnotise her into handing over money.

"She was asked something concerning the banknotes," a police spokeswoman told Sky Italia.


"(As) she opened up the cash the man took away some money in a very natural way."

It is thought the man was working with a female accomplice, seen calmly leaving the supermarket behind the suspect.

When the cashier came to count the till money at the end of her shift, £600 was missing.

"It was very strange," she said.,,91059-1310373,00.html

Haha class. Hope he doesn't get caught. ;)

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Now that's some talent, if only I he could use it for good instead of being a thief....
lol... U hear some strange stuff on the news now that a weird story.
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