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look out

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ha ha all this talk of liverpool being the next big thing and signing top players,then utd go out and buy 2 great young new stars and the ever reliable hargo. LOOK OUT PREMIERSHIP WE ARE GONNA WIN THE LEAGUE AGAIN & AGAIN ... COME ON YOU REDS !
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Because there were no Nani/Anderson topics already for you to post that in.......
Guys guys guys...i knw we hav signed two great young players but rmeber young players they arnt no proven top class players who can cut it in the pprem for all we knw this cud b another Veron move....i nt tryin 2 b glum on these transfers, i'm as or even more glad then u r....but we cant say we r gunna walk this title bcz we signed two people :S...we gtta still expect tht all opponents will also sign big we need to keep our heads down and work for this title...this 1 gunna b harder bcz now we r holders so we hav it all to lose others hav it to win so can tke risks...
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