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Looking Back On Last Season...

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...we hadsome rollercoaster, eh?

All those magical moments, the tough ones, the sad ones and of course those
joyous ones.

But what game will you remember the season for, besides the obvious one in
Moscow. So many tough games in the League, magnificant win over Arsenal in the
cup, the double over teh scousers, Barcelona at home, Spurs away...the list goes

Which match did you feel was extra special last season?
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TheManc said:
I thought that the Blackburn game really defined us last season and particularly what last season meant in terms of 50 years since Munich.

We played poor in the first half, in the second we were better although nothing was going for us. We should have had 3 penalites, Friedal was doing his yearly Superman routine and if it was anyone else they might have given up and said 'its just not our day', but we stuck in there, continued to miss chance after chance, untill finally we scored in the last minute, showing that we never give up and as the song says, 'we'll never die'.

Special mentions to the Arsenal FA Cup game - that was the beginning of the end for Arsenal,

The Arsenal game at OT

Spurs game at WHL

and of course the Barca and Wigan games where 2 of our greatest ever players scored the all important goals to win the match.

OT I know but having thought about this I think our greates moments/games are always when our backs are against the wall.
Well said mate.....

That Blackburn game was one where every time we shot, we thought we scored
but then a brilliant keeper kept us out. Sheasy almost scored in it too. And the
chance where Carlos shot and it was rolling...rolling....still rolling over the line until
Freidal managed to smother it, and then we did score and the feeling wasn't one
taht we lost of just about drew but it was an alomst brilliant feeling.

Another great match that I will remember is Boro away where we simply fell apart
in the game conceded 2 and if it weren't for VDS we could have been 4 down.
Then Wazza steps up for us to earn a well fought draw.

Roma away in the CL quarter finals was a memorable night too, finally beating
them there.

the stories and memories coming! ;)
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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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