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reddwarf said:
Giggs isn't having the best of seasons but he's still an important member of our squad. I actually think he's more effective playing through the middle these days because he can still pick a pass and draw out defenders with his intelligent movement. He just doesn't have the stamina to be racing up and down the left flank any more.

CROoney from Dubrovnik said:
guys - i know that giggs's been mediocre to say the least -but please - CHOSE WORDS WISELY WHEN TALKING ABOUT HIM... I do not want him to become a subject of mockery let alone hatred...
I dont need to add too much more to these 2 posts.
Its sad to see a player we have loved for so many years 'lose it'
to some degree. In my eyes he is a legend and he will deserve Sir
Bobby's record when he gets it.
It can be frustrating but we need to lay off him. His experience and
know how could prove vital in the coming months.
Even behind the scenes and at training he does an awful lot for the
younger players and they have become better and improved thanks
to Giggs' help.
Giggs is looking a bit tired but there is life in the old dog yet.
If he scores the winner in the CL final against the Scousers that will
shut a few people up......:p
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