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I would tend to agree with most of the posts.

Ryan is a fading force, theres no getting away from that. And against Middlesbrough he was awful.

He hasn't been particularly good this season either. But when hes on form, hes still a good player. I think we'll see the best of him in the CL tbh, but I don't even think he should play.

I just get a feeling that Sir Alex doesn't want to substitute him, or drop him. He seems to take off players like Tevez, and the player who I think is highly under-rated, as I've said many times recently, Park. When things aren't going well, and we need to make changes, its always Park who gets substituted, no matter how well hes playing.

I think that, as you can see from the way I am praising him, Park deserves a chance. Since he came back hes on good form, and in the last two games he has been absolutely fantastic. He's set up both goals for Rooney, the second with a piece of skill that Ronaldo would be happy with, albeit a simple piece, and his overall perfomance in those games were incredible. Also since he came back, hes been playing better than Giggs.

If you read what I've said, you may think I've turned on Giggs. But I haven't. Hes still a good player, despite age catching up with him, and he may be more effective in the CL where Giggs has been a big game player over the years, and where older players tend to turn the clock back.
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