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Louis Saha Thread

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i did make me laugh on sunday after the likes of tevez rooney rio and vida, to giggsy scholesy carrick and ronaldo bloody sweat and tears went into that season to get their hands on the trophy, and who was one of the first players to get thir hands on the most coverted legue title in the world ? ... yeah you guessed it king louis (the injured one) bowled it straight to the front and grabbed it off ryan giggs ? i was sat in the stand at wigan stunned really, such a jubulant day but where does this lad get the balls to lift the trophy when all he's done all season is (to put it politely) Bottle it ! disgraceful funny how he was suddenly fit enough to play in a game when theres glory to be bathed in at the final whistle, me and the vast majority of the fans at wigan shared the same views, he's a fair weather fairy and i dont like him one bit !
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i agree it was a cheek. either play through the pain barrier or retire. liability good player mind you.
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