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Lyon selling Ben Arfa

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Lyon are willing to let go of they star kid Hatem Ben Arfa, to Marseille:eek:
but they wont let him go cheep, Marseille have paid around 16 million pounds for him.

( in swedish tho, says the kinda same thing as i wrote up here.)
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they dont give him it simply because people hype him up to something he isn't, people were saying he's the next Ronaldo leading up to our champions league games with Lyon in the winter, truth of the matter is he's an un-predictable un-easy winger who's end product is non existant, really poor player in my opinion and if they got 16m for him it would probably be the best business Lyon have ever done, and that includes the big money deal they got for Essien and Diarra.
thatboyronaldo7 said:
Oh man I thought he was a good player.. We should have got him - Phyce.
ermm, no we really shouldnt, thank goodness we didnt
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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