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Oh no...its not another thread about the want-away winger.

Sir Alex Ferguson: I want to win seven trophies this season
By David McDonnell 16/08/2008

Sir Alex Ferguson has set his sights on a 'Magnificent Seven' haul of trophies this season in Manchester United's quest for global domination.

With the Community Shield already in the bag after last weekend's Wembley triumph over Portsmouth, Fergie has challenged his United players to make it a clean sweep of the other six trophies available.

As well as the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Carling Cup, United also have to play in the final of the European Super Cup in Monaco and the World Club Championship in Tokyo this season.

And far from seeing the two extra competitions as an unwelcome obstacle in United's attempts to defend their domestic and European crowns, Fergie is relishing the challenge they pose.

"We won the World Club Championship in 1999 but for some reason it seems to have been passed over," said Fergie.

"But we are still the only British team to have won it. Liverpool tried five times and haven't won it. I can't understand why we didn't get the praise or the publicity we deserved. To win the World Club Championship after going halfway around the world and beating the best team in South America at that time in Palmeiras was a great achievement."

It will be interesting to see whether Fergie is so upbeat when he has to take his players to Tokyo in December, traditionally a pivotal month of the season.

But as he looked ahead to tomorrow's Premier League opener against Newcastle at Old Trafford, he claimed being involved in the extra two competitions was a price worth paying for last season's success.

"We have to find extra dates to play a couple of games, against Fulham and Tottenham," said Fergie.

"So is that a penalty for being successful? I'd say it's an asset to be involved in these things. It tells you something doesn't it?

"Last time we played Lazio - managed by Sven Goran Eriksson - in the Super Cup, I made the mistake of putting out half a team because we had Newcastle the following Monday and I took no chances.

"I wished I had played my strongest side because when I saw them celebrating I was bloody angry. It was as if they'd won the World Cup."

Of more immediate concern to Fergie is tomorrow's clash against Kevin Keegan's side, who have proved to be obliging opponents against United in recent years. Newcastle have not beaten United since September 15, 2001, and although Fergie is without Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Anderson, Ji-Sung Park and Owen Hargreaves, they should collect three points.

With the saga of Ronaldo's future resolved in United's favour, 66-year-old Fergie is looking towards the new term - his 22nd full campaign - with the vigour of a manager 30 years younger.

"In terms of attacking options we're down to the bare bones," said Fergie. "But the backbone will be the midfield players and defenders.

"They're all available, I have a good variety there and hopefully that will be enough.

"Newcastle is always a good, exciting game because they will always come and have a go."

United expect to have Ronaldo back in first-team action by the beginning to mid-October as he continues his recovery from an ankle op.

"Ronaldo has been doing excellently with his rehab," said Fergie. "He's well ahead of schedule. He'll be doing rehab for the next next three weeks, then endurance work and serious running before he goes into the football side with us."

Is it possible to win all 7 titles this season? Community Shield is already home but can we honestly win Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Carling Cup, United also have to play in the final of the European Super Cup in Monaco and the World Club Championship in Tokyo this season?

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just hope going for seven dont leave us with charity shield, Super Cup and World Club Championships come the end as in my eyes that would be the same as not winning anything.

The three above are all ultimately exhibition type matches and shouldnt be taken seriously.

PL and CL are the two goals in my eyes. To be the first team ever to succesfully defend their country's league title and the Champions League trophy would put us up there with the gods.

Lets use the Super Cup and World Club Championship a chance to give some fringe players experience of International Club Football.

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Hmmm VERY optimistic, but you really never know, straight away i would write off the League Cup i believe teams that set a full strength team out each time for example Spurs would be too strong strong for our youngsters and fringe players. But we have a good enough squad, and good enough players. So who knows :) BELIEVE.

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No, its not possible to win all 7 imo.

Hes using it as a motivation. Hes not exactly going to go mad if we don't win them all.

He can't exactly come out and give a negative view. Hes got to lead from the front and show optimism for the season ahead, and thats what hes doing.

He will know for certain its not possible. Not so long ago, he said the Treble was something special that may never be done again. So I doubt he believes 7 is possible.
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